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    David Bowie showed his theatrical side again with another concept album by the name of “Diamond Dogs.”  Written in part based on the novel Nineteen Eight-four by George Orwell, this album continued the glam rock sound that Bowie was now famous for.  Deciding he wanted to do a production of the novel, but later being denied the rights to do so, this album contained many of the songs he had written for the production he was planning.  Compared to some of his previous albums, this was by all accounts an impressive piece of work that made it up to #1 in the UK and #5 in the US where his song “Rebel Rebel” hit the charts.  Still played in almost every tour to date, Bowie often refers to himself as the rebel of rock.

    Diamond Dogs Catalog Number:  RCA CL 13889

    Diamond Dog Track Listing:

    1. “Future Legend” (1:05)
    2. “Diamond Dogs” (5:56)
    3. “Sweet Thing” (3:39)
    4. “Candidate” (2:40)
    5. “Sweet Thing (reprise)” (2:31)
    6. “Rebel Rebel” (4:30)
    7. “Rock ‘n’ Roll with Me” (lyrics: Bowie, music: Bowie, Warren Peace) (4:00)
    8. “We Are the Dead” (4:58)
    9. “1984” (3:27)
    10. “Big Brother” (3:21)
    11. “Chant of the Ever Circling Skeletal Family” (2:00)

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