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    David Bowie’s 2nd live album, “Stage” was released in 1978.  Using  material from Providence, RI, Boston, MA and Philadelphia, PA, Bowie’s concert primarily consisted of songs from the albums “Heroes,” “Station,” and “Low” but also featured five songs from Ziggy Stardust even though he had sworn he would never sing songs from that album again.  Much more relaxed than his first live album, the vocal performances were wonderful as were the instrumentals.  Because it was taken from direct microphone feeds it sounds more like a studio album than a live album, but that is what minimizes noise crowd and what makes it sound so good.  The only single from this album was “Breaking Glass” which originally appeared in a shorter version on the album “Low.”

    Stage Catalog Number:  RCA PL-02913

    Stage Track Listing:

    1. “Hang on to Yourself” (3:26)
    2. “Ziggy Stardust” (3:32)
    3. “Five Years” (3:58)
    4. “Soul Love” (2:55)
    5. “Star” (2:31)
    6. “Station to Station” (8:55)
    7. “Fame” (4:06)
    8. “TVC 15” (4:37)
    9. “Warszawa” (6:50)
    10. “Speed of Life” (2:44)
    11. “Art Decade” (3:10)
    12. “Sense of Doubt” (3:13)
    13. “Breaking Glass” (3:28)
    14. “”Heroes”” (6:19)
    15. “What in the World” (4:24)
    16. “Blackout” (4:01)
    17. “Beauty and the Beast” (5:08)

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