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    After the original album Tin Machine did well with fans, David Bowie decided he wanted to collaborate with the group Tin Machine again to continue what they started.  However, EMI who produced the first Tin Machine album decided they didn’t want to produce another album that Bowie wasn’t solo on so they changed to Victory Music.  Fed up with everyone wanting him to make another commercial album like “Let’s Dance” Bowie decided on a mixture of blues and rock that sounded rather unconventional for him, but had a great mixture for the group.  Although it wasn’t that successful commercially, Bowie and the group were pleased with songs such as “Baby Universal” and “Goodbye Mr. Ed” which were both types of modern rock songs.

    Tin Machine II Catalog Number:  Victory 828272-1

    Tin Machine II Track Listing

    1. “Baby Universal” (3:18)
    2. “One Shot” (5:11)
    3. “You Belong in Rock n’ Roll” (4:07)
    4. “If There Is Something” (4:45)
    5. “Amlapura” (3:46)
    6. “Betty Wrong” (3:48)
    7. “You Can’t Talk” (3:09)
    8. “Stateside” (5:38)
    9. “Shopping for Girls” (3:44)
    10. “A Big Hurt” (3:40)
    11. “Sorry” (3:29)
    12. “Goodbye Mr. Ed” (3:24)
    13. “Hammerhead” (0:57)

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