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    As the debut albums from one of the all time greatest bands, “Boy”, was the first step in a 30 + year long career by rock band U2.  Showing their younger age, “Boy” was an album written about the frustrations of adolescence and meandering thoughts of their own lives.  Released to positive reviews, this album had some of U2’s classic hits such as “I Will Follow” and “An Cat Dubh.”  At the time, the album only reach #62 but it was later re-released to critical acclaim and higher rankings.  “Boy” also has the distinction of being the only album in which all of the songs on it were sung live at least once.  Ranking #417 on The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time by Rolling Stone, this album set the stage for many more thought provoking and talked about albums by U2.

    Boy Catalog Number:  Island Records (#9646)

    Boy Track Listing:

    1.  I Will Follow (3:36)

    2.  Twilight (4:22)

    3.  An Cat Dubh (6:21)

    4.  Into the Heart (1:53)

    5.  Out of Control (4:13)

    6.  Stories for Boys (3:02)

    7.  The Ocean (1:34)

    8.  A Day Without Me            (3:14)

    9.  Another Time, Another Place (4:34)

    10. The Electric Co. (4:48)

    11. Shadows and Tall Trees (4:36)

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