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    Released in 1981 following their debut album, “October” by U2 featured a more spiritual theme adding to the rumors that U2 was confirming their Christianity and their membership in a group called the “Shalom Fellowship.”  Although not as widely received as “Boy,” this album had an interesting story to go along with the music.  After a fan stole the lyrics to all newly written music for “October” they had to record it anyhow because they already had their studio time set up so they literally had to improvise on the small amount of lyrics they could actually remember.  With popular songs such as “Gloria” and “Fire” Bono often recalls “October” as being one of his more peaceful albums where he really found his love for the rock-n-roll genre.  The title song “October” as well as “Gloria” was a staple in their live performances throughout the 80’s and the album itself was even ranked #41 on the CCM Magazine’s list of the greatest Christian music albums of all time.

    October Catalog Number:  Island Records (#9680)

    October Track Listing:

    Side One

    1.  Gloria (4:14)

    2.  I Fall Down (3:39)

    3.  I Threw a Brick Through a Window (4:54)

    4.  Rejoice (3:37)

    5.  Fire (3:51)

    Side Two

    1.  Tomorrow (4:39)

    2.  October (2:21)

    3.  Without a Shout (Jerusalem) (4:02)

    4.  Stranger in a Strange Land            (3:56)

    5.  Scarlet (2:53)

    6.  Is That All? (2:59)

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