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    Again changing direction with their themes of music, the album “The Unforgettable Fire” had a more abstract theme making it one of their most distinctive of their albums.   It included one of their most popular hits at the time, “Pride (In the Name of Love)” as well as other songs that have consistently done well over the years with fans such as “Bad” which was based on drug addiction.  Other songs had a more ambiguous nature which sparked much conversation on what the album was actually about.  “The Unforgettable Fire” still leaves critics and fans alike talking about how pivotal this album was in U2’s career; really setting them apart from other bands of the time and showing a much more creative sound in music than heard before.  It may not have been an album full of top 10 singles, but it was an album that for any U2 fan, really cannot be overlooked.

    The Unforgettable Fire Catalog Number:  Island Records (#90231-1)

    The Unforgettable Fire Track Listing:

    1.  A Sort of Homecoming (5:28)

    2.  Pride (In the Name of Love) (3:48)

    3.  Wire (4:19)

    4.  The Unforgettable Fire (4:55)

    5.  Promenade (2:35)

    6.  4th of July (2:12)

    7.  Bad (6:09)

    8.  Indian Summer Sky (4:17)

    9.  Elvis Presley and America (6:23)

    10. MLK (2:31)

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