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    Expanding on their album “Achtung Baby,” U2 continued on with a decidedly more European flair to their music with their 8th album “Zooropa.” Inspired by their touring experiences, specifically with their Zoo TV Tour, U2 utilized the growing love for alternative rock and electronic dance music and incorporated it into their own musical genre. The three major hits “Numb,” “Stay (Faraway, So Close) and “Lemon” were well received and even earned U2 a Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music album in 1994. Regarded as one of their most creative albums, it was a reinvention of their already hugely popular sound but it wasn’t one of their best selling albums overall. Either way, “Zooropa” is a definite must for an U2 collector and fan as it shows their more daring and less commercial sounding side that only goes to show how incredibly versatile and amazing they really are.

    Zooropa Catalog Number: Island Records (#15371 1)

    Zooropa Track Listing:

    1. Zooropa (6:31)
    2. Babyface (4:01)
    3. Numb (4:20)
    4. Lemon (6:58)
    5. Stay (Faraway, So Close) (4:58)
    6. Daddy’s Gonna Pay for Your Crashed Car (5:20)
    7. Some Days are Better than Others (4:17)
    8. The First Time (3:45)
    9. Dirty Day (5:24)
    10. The Wanderer (5:41)

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