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    In the 1980s, the Sisters of Mercy were one of England’s leading goth-rock bands. Ultimately the songwriting vehicle of the deep-voiced Andrew Eldritch and his drum machine Doktor Avalanche, the Sisters of Mercy lineup changed from album to album along with the band’s sound. Their 1985 debut, First and Last and Always, set the goth-rock standard for years to come with its gloomy blend of metal and psychedelia. 1987’s Floodland was another milestone, both for the band and the genre, with its lush production and dark, ethereal soundscapes. For their third album, 1990’s Vision Thing, the Sisters of Mercy experimented with guitar-based techno and found their way onto the dance floor with the album’s title track. Unfortunately, these would be the only albums released by the Sisters of Mercy on account of a strike against their record label in 1993.
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