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    Folk-pop singer-songwriter Suzanne Vega rose to prominence in 1987 with the hit single "Luka" off her Platinum-selling sophomore album, Solitude Standing. Her success continued to grow with the a cappella "Tom's Diner" (famously remade as a dance track by British group DNA in 1990) and the title track from her 1992 synth-centered album, 99.9 F°. Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, and Lou Reed greatly inspired Vega's lyrical style and she in turn greatly influenced the sound of Lilith Fair and ultimately paved the way for a flock of female singer-songwriters in the '90s. Most recently, Vega has been working on a four-volume series titled "Close-Up" featuring stripped-down re-recordings of songs from her back catalog. Collecting Vega's albums on vinyl is highly rewarding - each record reveals a new hidden treasure.

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