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    A young piano prodigy and minister’s daughter, Tori Amos (born Myra Ellen Amos) is one of the most original and fearless voices in music. She earned legions of fans with her confessional 1992 debut, Little Earthquakes, and its single “Silent All These Years.” This was followed by 1994’s impressionistic Under the Pink and its ubiquitous single “Cornflake Girl.” Her ambitious masterwork Boys for Pele (1996) gave way to a decade-spanning career throughout which Amos has never ceased to push her own creative boundaries, always staying true to her otherworldly muse. In addition to her 12 near-conceptual studio albums, she has released a treasure trove of B-sides and unforgettable covers (we’re talking everyone from Slayer to Nirvana, Joni Mitchell to Led Zeppelin). She’s also turned her Bosendorfer piano into a rock instrument. Her melodies are haunting as well as comforting, her performances are honest and unapologetic, her piano playing and singing style are totally unconventional, and hearing her on vinyl is absolutely spectacular.
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