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    Returning to his acoustic roots, Bob Dylan’s 8th studio album, “John Wesley Harding” was considered to be critically acclaimed and was well received by everyone, fans included.  With a more traditional sound reminiscent of his earlier recordings, this album reached #2 on the US charts, making it the most popular album to date, and for good reason.  With songs such as “Along the Watchtower” which was covered by Jimi Hendrix just the following year, and “I’ll be your Baby Tonight” which is only one of two songs ever written by Dylan that came to him complete with music rather than his usual style of writing the words first and finding the musical accompaniment later.  That is what makes this particular album so special to not only him but those who listen to it.  With a stream of consciousness style of writing and a new look into religion for Dylan; “John Wesley Harding” is certainly an album for the ages.

    John Wesley Harding Catalog Number: Columbia 9604

    John Wesley Harding Track Listing:

    1.    John Wesley Harding (2:58)

    2.    As I Went Out One Morning (2:49)

    3.    I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine (3:53)

    4.    All Along the Watchtower (2:31)

    5.    The Ballad of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest (5:35)

    6.    Drifter’s Escape (2:52)

    7.    Dear Landlord (3:16)

    8.    I Am a Lonesome Hobo (3:19)

    9.    I Pity the Poor Immigrant (4:12)

    10. The Wicked Messenger (2:02)

    11. Down Along the Cove (2:23)

    12. I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight (2:34)
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