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    Nashville Skyline” was Bob Dylan’s first foray into country music.  Far from his original folk and rock and roll music, Dylan used this album to try out his simple songwriting structures along with a basic theme that showed off his country vocals.  When the album was released in 1969 it was a commercial success by all accounts and Bob Dylan himself was considered to be a pioneer in the modern country music that was slowly but surely leaving its rural folk music roots behind as well.  Joining Johnny Cash in a duet of “Girl from the North Country” Dylan also had a popular hit with “Lay Lady Lay” which was originally written for the film Midnight Cowboy but it wasn’t finished in time so it became part of his premiere country album.  Still one of his biggest pop hits today, Dylan really showed a different side of himself with the “Nashville Skyline” album.

    Nashville Skyline Catalog Number: Columbia 9825

    Nashville Skyline Track Listing:

    Side one

    1.    Girl from the North Country (with Johnny Cash) (3:41)

    2.    Nashville Skyline Rag (Instrumental) (3:12)

    3.    To Be Alone with You (2:07)

    4.    I Threw It All Away (2:23)

    5.    Peggy Day (2:01)

    Side two

    1.    Lay Lady Lay (3:18)

    2.    One More Night (2:23)

    3.    Tell Me That It Isn’t True (2:41)

    4.    Country Pie (1:37)

    5.    Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here with You (3:23)
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