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    Releasing only 4 short months after his last album “Self Portrait,” the “New Morning” album was received extremely well by both critics and fans.  With his more traditional and familiar vocals Bob Dylan left the country crooner behind to return to a more sincere yet almost cynical tone which can be heard in the song “Day of the Locusts.”  Another great hit from this album was “If Not for You” which was covered by George Harrison many years later.  Many critics praised this album as the one that brought back the Bob Dylan they knew and loved, although Dylan has said himself that this was not one of his favorite albums because he wasn’t sure it represented what he was feeling at the time.  Either way, “New Morning” is a relatively unknown but powerful album in which you can appreciate his distinct sound and lyrics.

    New Morning Catalog Number: Columbia 30290

    New Morning Track Listing

    1.    If Not for You (2:39)

    2.    Day of the Locusts (3:57)

    3.    Time Passes Slowly (2:33)

    4.    Went to See the Gypsy (2:49)

    5.    Winterlude (2:21)

    6.    If Dogs Run Free (3:37)

    7.    New Morning (3:56)

    8.    Sign on the Window (3:39)

    9.    One More Weekend (3:09)

    10. The Man in Me (3:07)

    11. Three Angels (2:07)

    12. Father of Night (1:27)
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