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    After several less successful albums, Dylan made a triumphant return with his album “Oh Mercy” which was released in 1989.  Peaking at #30 on the US charts, it was Dylan’s best showing in years as well as contained his first newly written song in years called “Political World.”  It continued on with new verses for his song called “What Good Am I?” and lastly the song “Dignity.”  This particular song was written with the melody as well, which so rarely happens with Dylan.  After such a long time he said later in an interview that he felt the inspiration to write like he hasn’t in a very long time.  With a new renewed appreciation for his own music “Oh Mercy” is a refreshing change from his past albums and really brings you back to classic Dylan.

    Oh Mercy Catalog Number:  Columbia 45281

    Oh Mercy Track Listing:

    1. “Political World” (3:43)
    2. “Where Teardrops Fall” (2:30)
    3. “Everything Is Broken” (3:12)
    4. “Ring Them Bells” (3:00)
    5. “Man in the Long Black Coat” (4:30)
    6. “Most of the Time” (5:02)
    7. “What Good Am I?” (4:45)
    8. “Disease of Conceit” (3:41)
    9. “What Was It You Wanted” (5:02)
    10. “Shooting Star” (3:12)

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