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    As the first record released by Bob Dylan under the Asylum Records label, “Planet Waves” was done by Dylan and longtime friends and collaborators The Band which he also went on tour with after the release of the album.  “Planet Waves” reached #1 in the US, if only for a brief time, which was Dylan’s first album to reach #1 in the US.  This laid back rock album is also popular for another reason; the cover art was drawn by Dylan himself which was unlike him to ever do before.  The first track “On a Night Like This” as well as the song “Something There Is About You” are great songs that have definitely lived on through the years.  It helped that the media coverage on this particular album as well as the tour date was larger than it had ever been for any of his albums previously.

    Planet Waves Catalog Number: Asylum 1003

    Planet Waves Track Listing:

    1. On a Night Like This (2:57)

    2. Going, Going, Gone (3:27)

    3. Tough Mama (4:17)

    4. Hazel (2:50)

    5. Something There is About You (4:45)

    6. Forever Young (4:57)

    7. Forever Young (Continued) (2:49)

    8. Dirge (5:36)

    9. You Angel You (2:54)

    10.  Never Say Goodbye (2:56)

    11. Wedding Song (2:42)
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