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    High on fame and eager to please his ever growing audience, Bob Dylan released “Self Portrait,” the second of his double albums, in June of 1970.  Dylan himself stated that this album was somewhat of a joke, as he really only put it together to show people he had evolved from the political singer he was when he started his career.  However, it ended up being one of his more popular albums and skyrocketed to the #4 spot in the US.  Using only a handful of original compositions, it mostly included cover versions of well known country and pop songs sung with a definite country croon.  The one song that stands out above all others is “Copper Kettle” written for the country crowd that remembers the far gone days of moonshine and living off the land.  Popularized by Joan Baez on her 1962 album, fans flocked to the Dylan version.

    Self Portrait Catalog Number: Columbia 30050

    Self Portrait Track Listing:

    Side one

    1.    All the Tired Horses (3:12)

    2.    Alberta #1 (2:57)

    3.    I Forgot More Than You’ll Ever Know (2:23)

    4.    Days of ’49 (5:27)

    5.    Early Mornin’ Rain (3:34)

    6.    In Search of Little Sadie (2:28)

    Side two

    1.    Let It Be Me (3:00)

    2.    Little Sadie (2:00)

    3.    Woogie Boogie (2:06)

    4.    Belle Isle (2:30)

    5.    Living the Blues (2:42)

    6.    Like A Rolling Stone (5:18)

    Side three

    1.    Copper Kettle (The Pale Moonlight) (3:34)

    2.    Gotta Travel On (3:08)

    3.    Blue Moon (2:29)

    4.    The Boxer (2:48)

    5.    Quinn the Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn) (2:48)

    6.    Take Me As I Am (or Let Me Go) (3:03)

    Side four

    1.    Take A Message to Mary (2:46)

    2.    It Hurts Me Too (3:15)

    3.    Minstrel Boy (3:33)

    4.    She Belongs to Me (2:44)

    5.    Wigwam (3:09)

    6.    Alberta #2 (3:12)
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