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    Bob Dylan’s stellar career continued with his 18th studio album “Street-Legal.”  This album continued on with his pop rock band and even included female backup vocalists which was the first time he had ever done something like that.  This album was considerably more religious than others which can be seen in “No Time to Think” and “Where Are You Tonight?” which showed the influence of the bible on Dylan throughout his life but more importantly, how his religious belief affected him after his accident.  This album was also the beginning of his Gospel Tour that would begin just a year after the album released.  “Street Legal” also included a few more common recurring themes such as the one of his troubled relationship with his wife.

    Street Legal Catalog Number: Columbia 35453

    Street Legal Track Listing:

    1.    “Changing of the Guards” (7:04)

    2.    “New Pony” (4:28)

    3.    “No Time to Think” (8:19)

    4.    “Baby, Stop Crying” (5:19)

    5.    “Is Your Love in Vain?” (4:30)

    6.    “Señor (Tales of Yankee Power)” (5:42)

    7.    “True Love Tends to Forget” (4:14)

    8.    “We Better Talk This Over” (4:04)

    9.    “Where Are You Tonight? (Journey Through Dark Heat) (6:16)

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