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    Beginning his career in the London blues scene of 1962, Scottish musician Jack Bruce changed the face of rock and roll as a member of Cream, the legendary British band featuring drummer Ginger Baker and guitarist Eric Clapton. This power-trio helped popularize blues-rock on a major scale and ultimately paved the way for bands like Led Zeppelin – all in its short two-year run between 1966 and 1968. Celebrated for his influential bass playing, Bruce also co-wrote the majority of Cream’s singles. After Cream disbanded, Bruce recorded several folk-rock solo albums, put together another blues-rock power trio called West, Bruce & Laing, formed the Jack Bruce Band, and collaborated with musicians in a variety of genres ranging from jazz fusion to R&B. One of his more notable collaborations was with guitarist Robin Trower of prog-rock group Procol Harum.
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