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    The Cry of Love is the first posthumous Jimi Hendrix album. Engineered, mixed, and compiled by his former engineer Eddie Kramer and drummer Mitch Mitchell, it consists of songs that Hendrix was intending to release on a double LP titled First Rays of the New Rising Sun. All of the songs here were written by Hendrix, and recorded from late 1969 through the summer of 1970 with the exception of “My Friend,” which was recorded during the early stages of the 1968 Electric Ladyland sessions. The anthemic rocker “Freedom” was released as a single in the US, and songs like “Angel,” “Night Bird Flying,” and “Ezy Rider” are valuable additions to the Hendrix canon. Being the first posthumous release, it is arguably the best as it features Hendrix’ most complete unreleased tracks. While First Rays of the New Rising Sun was eventually released with these songs, this version featuring the Hendrix-Mitchell-Cox trio is a much more cohesive-sounding group.

    The Cry of Love Catalog Number:  Reprise 2480 027

    The Cry of Love Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. Freedom – 3:24

    2. Drifting – 3:46

    3. Ezy Ryder – 4:09

    4. Night Bird Flying – 3:50

    5. My Friend – 4:40

    Side Two

    1. Straight Ahead – 4:42

    2. Astro Man – 3:37

    3. Angel – 4:25

    4. In from the Storm – 3:42

    5. Belly Button Window – 3:34

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