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    The 9th album released by English rock band Led Zeppelin was called Coda. It was released only in 1982 and the album was a collection of various outtakes from sessions that the band had accumulated over a 12 year career. It was released two years after the band had officially split following the death of John Bonham, their drummer. John Paul Jones came up with the name Coda which means a musical piece that follows the main body of music, and so, it was seen as quite an apt title in the circumstances. The album was released due to the large amount of bootleging that was becoming available, so they released the rest of the studio pieces.

    Coda Track Listing:

    1    We’re Gonna Groove 2:38
    2    Poor Tom 3:02
    3    I Can’t Quit You Baby 4:18
    4    Walter’s Walk 4:31
    5    Ozone Baby 3:35
    6    Darlene 5:07
    7    Bonzo’s Montreux 4:18
    8    Wearing and Tearing 5:29
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