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    The album The Division Bell was the final studio album to be produced by Pink Floyd. It was released in 1994 on 30 March in United Kingdom and was released in United States on 5 April of the same year. It was their second album to be made without Roger Waters. The album was recorded at a variety of studios including David Gilmour’s houseboat which was called The Astoria. The album went triple platinum in January 1999 and following its popularity Pink Floyd embarked on an extremely successful tour documented in the album P-U-L-S-E which was released the following year.
    All lead vocals performed by David Gilmour unless stated otherwise.

    The Division Bell Track Listing

    1. “Cluster One” (David Gilmour, Richard Wright) – 5:58  (Instrumental)
    2. “What Do You Want from Me?” (Gilmour, Wright, Polly Samson) – 4:21
    3. “Poles Apart” (Gilmour, Samson, Nick Laird-Clowes) – 7:04
    4. “Marooned” (Gilmour, Wright) – 5:29  (Instrumental)
    5. “A Great Day for Freedom” (Gilmour, Samson) – 4:17
    6. “Wearing the Inside Out” (Wright, Anthony Moore) – 6:49 (Lead vocals: Richard Wright)
    7. “Take It Back” (Gilmour, Samson, Laird-Clowes, Bob Ezrin) – 6:12
    8. “Coming Back to Life” (Gilmour) – 6:19
    9. “Keep Talking” (Gilmour, Wright, Samson) – 6:11
    10. “Lost for Words” (Gilmour, Samson) – 5:14
    11. “High Hopes” (Gilmour, Samson) – 8:32

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