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    With punk sweeping over the music scene and mocking art rock, Queen shed its baroque embellishments on News of the World and boiled its operatic pomp down to raw, hard rock. The album opens with the anthems “We Will Rock You” and “We Are the Champions,” followed by Roger Taylor’s “Sheer Heart Attack.” Sharing its name with the band’s third album, the song is a fierce jab at punk. “Fight from the Inside” has one of Slash’s favorite riffs of all time, though it is one of Queen’s first songs to focus on drums and bass over lead guitars. Bassist John Deacon’s “Spread Your Wings” was another album single, featuring Freddie Mercury on piano. While the band borders on funk/disco with “Get Down, Make Love,” Queen still wasn’t using any synthesizers. The psychedelic-sounding effects were produced by Brian May’s custom Red Special electric guitar. What they were doing, however, was guitar tapping before Eddie Van Halen would popularize the technique.

    News of the World Catalog Number:  EMI/Elektra 6E112

    News of the World Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. We Will Rock You – 2:01

    2. We Are the Champions – 3:00

    3. Sheer Heart Attack – 3:24

    4. All Dead, All Dead – 3:10

    5. Spread Your Wings – 4:36

    6. Fight from the Inside – 3:02

    Side Two

    1. Get Down, Make Love – 3:51

    2. Sleeping on the Sidewalk – 3:05

    3. Who Needs You – 3:07

    4. It’s Late – 6:26

    5. My Melancholy Blues – 3:33

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