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    The Game is Queen’s only album to reach the number-one slot in the US. Featuring the mega hit “Another One Bites the Dust” and the rockabilly “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” (yes, that’s Queen not Elvis), The Game is a decisively pop album – albeit a grand pop album. From its disco rock and power ballads to its predilection for songs versus anthems, The Game is much more streamlined than any of Queen’s previous works. It’s also the first album on which this synth-free and proud band uses a synthesizer. The Oberheim OB-X can be heard on “Play the Game” and “Save Me,” thus opening and closing the album. Of this collection, “Dragon Attack” rocks the hardest, and Brian May’s contributions – the emotive ballad “Sail Away Sweet Sister” and the power ballad “Save Me” – really stand out. The Game is 180 degrees from Queen’s Flash Gordon soundtrack released the same year, and one hundred percent more radio-friendly.

    The Game Catalog Number:  EMI/Elektra 5C-5513

    The Game Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. Play the Game – 3:30

    2. Dragon Attack – 4:18

    3. Another One Bites the Dust – 3:35

    4. Need Your Loving Tonight – 2:50

    5. Crazy Little Thing Called Love – 2:44

    Side Two

    1. Rock It (Prime Jive) – 4:33

    2. Don’t Try Suicide – 3:52

    3. Sail Away Sweet Sister – 3:33

    4. Coming Soon – 2:51

    5. Save Me – 3:50

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