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    After the dance-oriented Hot Space, Queen brings back the rock but keeps the synths on The Works. The single “Radio Ga Ga,” a lament for radio in the MTV age, and “Machines (Or ‘Back to Humans’)” are largely electronic, the latter featuring Roger Taylor’s vocals processed through a vocoder and singing a duet with two harmonizing Freddie Mercurys. However, there is a three-song stretch that is synth free. “Tear It Up” features stomping percussion like “We Will Rock You,” “It’s a Hard Life” is classic Mercury in its operatic take on rock (its intro is actually based on an aria from Pagliacci), and “Man on the Prowl” recalls the band’s rockabilly hit “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.” Brian May’s “Hammer to Fall” is another hard rocker. But it’s actually the album’s pop song “I Want to Break Free” that stands out. The Works ends with the acoustic “Is This the World We Created…?” written by Mercury and May after watching the news in Munich.

    The Works Catalog Number:  EMI/Capitol ST 512322

    The Works Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. Radio Ga Ga – 5:08

    2. Tear It Up – 3:19

    3. It’s a Hard Life – 5:21

    4. Man on the Prowl – 4:25

    Side Two

    1. Machines (Or ‘Back to Humans’) – 5:03

    2. I Want to Break Free – 5:46

    3. Keep Passing the Open Windows – 3:25

    4. Hammer to Fall – 4:05

    5. Is This the World We Created…? – 3:25

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