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    During the summer of 1972, the Beach Boys moved to the Netherlands, converted a farmhouse into a makeshift studio, and recorded their nineteenth studio album, Holland. A homesick Mike Love and Al Jardine composed a three-part salute to California: the country waltz “Big Sur,” the spoken word “Beaks of Eagles,” and “California” with its stunning group vocals and mix of banjo, pedal steel, and harmonica. Dennis Wilson wrote “Steamboat” and the beautiful “Only with You,” and Carl Wilson contributed “The Trader,” which begins with his son Jonah saying hello. However, the album’s single “Sail On, Sailor” was recorded in the US and added to the collection later. A slow-building Brian Wilson/Van Dyke Parks collaboration, the song features new guitarist Blondie Chaplin on lead vocals. Also recorded back in sunny California was Ricky Fataar’s and Chaplin’s Moog-tinged “Leaving This Town.” It is one of Chaplin’s and Holland’s several high points.

    Holland Catalog Number:  Brother 27443-1

    Holland Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. Sail On, Sailor – 3:15

    2. Steamboat – 4:29

    3. California Saga: Big Sur – 3:55

    4. California Saga: The Beaks of Eagles – 2:48

    5. California Saga: California – 3:59

    Side Two

    1. The Trader – 5:01

    2. Leaving This Town – 5:36

    3. Only with You – 2:56

    4. Funky Pretty – 4:07

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