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    The Beach Boys’ creativity is in full swing on their 1970 release, Sunflower. A renaissance of sorts, the album marks a return to the gorgeous harmonies and inventive arrangements of the band’s mid-’60s material. The first four tracks are some of the strongest Beach Boys compositions yet, and the production on the album is flawless. While Dennis Wilson had already stepped out from behind the drums to compose songs for the band’s previous two releases, Sunflower finds him shining in the studio and at his vocal best. On “Slip on Through,” his voice rides over complex harmonies, and he gets soulful for “Got to Know the Woman.” Bruce Johnston’s songwriting voice is also more prominent here with “Deirdre” and “Tears in the Morning.” Sunflower closes with the nearly a cappella “Cool, Cool Water,” a song written by Brian Wilson in 1968 and never used. The Beach Boys are working together as a band again and the result is their most cohesive album since Pet Sounds.

    Sunflower Catalog Number:  Brother 981741

    Sunflower Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. Slip on Through – 2:15

    2. This Whole World – 1:55

    3. Add Some Music to Your Day – 3:34

    4. Got to Know the Woman – 2:40

    5. Deirdre – 3:26

    6. It’s About Time – 2:56

    Side Two

    1. Tears in the Morning – 4:03

    2. All I Wanna Do – 3:34

    3. Forever – 2:40

    4. Our Sweet Love – 2:38

    5. At My Window – 2:29

    6. Cool, Cool Water – 5:03

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