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    The Beach Boys’ second album, Surfin’ USA, spent a year and a half on the pop charts. Its title track became the band’s first big hit, and was eventually added to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s “500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll” list. A variation of the Chuck Berry classic “Sweet Little Sixteen,” surf lyrics and double-tracked vocals make “Surfin’ USA” one of the Beach Boys’ signature songs. Another album standout is the classic car song “Shut Down.” Brian Wilson’s influence is evident in Surfin’ USA’s production and arrangements. “The Noble Surfer,” “Lana,” and “Farmer’s Daughter” are all his originals, and the latter features his falsetto vocals. The album also provides a glimpse into Brian’s more melancholic side with songs like “Lonely Sea.” The Beach Boys were an anomaly of sorts for the time – a self-contained American rock band – and they show the strength of their musicianship here with five surf instrumentals.

    Surfin’ USA Catalog Number: ┬áCapitol SN-16015

    Surfin’ USA Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. Surfin’ USA – 2:20

    2. Farmer’s Daughter – 1:49

    3. Misirlou – 2:02

    4. Stoked – 2:00

    5. Lonely Sea – 2:20

    6. Shut Down – 1:50

    Side Two

    1. Noble Surfer – 1:50

    2. Honky Tonk – 2:00

    3. Lana – 1:40

    4. Surf Jam – 2:00

    5. Let’s Go Trippin’ – 1:52

    6. Finders Keepers – 1:43

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