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    Beatles for Sale was the 4th album released by the super-group, in late 1964.  Produced by long-time producer and friend, Sir George Martin, for Parlophone Records, the album actually marked a kind of shift in songwriting and music styles for John Lennon and Paul McCartney.  Songs on Beatles for Sale are more introspective and autobiographical in nature.  Like almost every other Beatles album ever released, it quickly topped all the charts at Number 1 in both the US and UK.  Two memorable songs are I’m a Loser, and Eight Days a Week, both of which also hit Number 1.

    Beatles for Sale Catalog Numbers:

    * PMC 1240 (Mono Version)
    * PCS 3062 (Stereo Version)

    Beatles for Sale Track Listing

    1.    No Reply
    2.    I’m a Loser
    3.    Baby’s in Black
    4.    Rock and Roll Music
    5.    I’ll Follow the Sun
    6.    Mr. Moonlight
    7.    Kansas City/Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey!
    8.    Eight Days a Week
    9.    Words of Love
    10.  Honey Don’t
    11.  Every Little Thing

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