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    Rubber Soul marked the 6th studio album by the Beatles. Produced by Sir George Martin, the band’s longtime collaborator, it was released in December 1965 to wide critical and commercial success. Many feel the album was a major artistic achievement for the band, one in which they demonstrated influences picked up from the burgeoning folk rock movement sweeping the US and the UK at the time. It’s also extraordinary that an album of this quality was recorded in just over four weeks. Naturally, it quickly rose to the top of the charts, taking over the top spot from Help!

    The Beatles Rubber Soul Catalog Numbers

    * PMC 1267 (Mono Version)
    * PCS 3075 (Stereo)

    The Beatles Rubber Soul Track Listing

    1. Drive My Car
    2. Norwegian Wood (This Bird has Flown)
    3. You Won’t See Me
    4. Nowhere Man
    5. Think for Yourself
    6. The Word
    7. Michelle
    8. What Goes On
    9. Girl
    10. I’m Looking Through You
    11. In My Life
    12. Wait
    13. If I Needed Someone
    14. Run for Your Life

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