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    Yellow Submarine was the 10th album released by the Beatles, first in the UK in January 1969 and then a month later in the US.  It is also one of the few albums by the British super-group to not have hit Number 1 after its initial release, rising to Number 2 or Number 3, depending upon the chart used.  Yellow Submarine was also an album designed around an animated movie of the same name and featuring the voices of the members of the band.  The second side of the album featured George Martin’s orchestral score, though there was other production input on the first side of the record.

    Yellow Submarine Catalog Numbers

    * PMC 7070 (Mono Version)
    * PCS 7070 (Stereo Version)

    Yellow Submarine Track Listing

    1.    Yellow Submarine (2:38)
    2.    Only a Northern Song (3:27)
    3.    All Together Now (2:10)
    4.    Hey Bulldog (3:14)
    5.    It’s All Too Much (6:28)
    6.    All You Need is Love (3:47)
    7.    Pepperland (2:24)
    8.    Sea of Time (3:00)
    9.    Sea of Holes (2:21)
    10.  Sea of Monsters (3:40)
    11.  March of the Meanies (2:22)
    12.  Pepperland Laid Waste (2:15)
    13.  Yellow Submarine in Pepperland (2:11)

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