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    Beggars Banquet was recorded in England and released by the Rolling Stones in 1968 with the hit songs “Sympathy for the Devil, and Street Fighting Man.” It was also Brian Jones’ last full effort with the band. Beggars Banquet was popular on both sides of the Atlantic, reaching
    Number 3 in the UK and 5 in the US. ABKCO Records remastered and reissued the album in 2006, and corrected a flaw in the original release by restoring every song to its intended, slightly faster speed. When Beggars Banquet came out in 1968 it was at a slower speed than recorded. The remastered edition is approximately 30 seconds shorter than the original. Beggars Banquet was produced by Jimmy Miller and released o Decca/ABKCO in the UK and London/ABKCO in the US

    Beggars Banquet Catalog Number:

    Decca Records SKL 4955-US
    London Records PS 539-US

    Beggars Banquet Track Listing

    1. Sympathy for the Devil (6:27)
    2. No Expectations (4:02)
    3. Dear Doctor (3:26)
    4. Parachute Woman (2:23)
    5. Jigsaw Puzzle (6:17)
    6. Street Fighting Man (3:18)
    7. Prodigal Son (2:55)
    8. Stray Cat Blues (4:40)
    9. Factory Girl (2:12)
    10. Salt of the Earth (4:51)
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