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    Considered one of the greatest hard-rock bands of all time, this British group was formed in 1975 when Deep Purple guitarist Ritchie Blackmore grew unsatisfied with the band that he’d founded and began working with American vocalist Ronnie James Dio. Despite numerous line-up changes, these two would produce landmark neo-classical metal albums like 1976’s Rising and the best-selling live album On Stage, released in 1977. Dio would leave Rainbow in 1979 (and go on to replace Ozzy Osbourne in Black Sabbath) after Blackmore decided to trade in Rainbow’s mystical themes and epic metal compositions for a more commercial sound. With new lead singer Graham Bonnet and then Joe Lynn Turner, Rainbow enjoyed several crossover rock hits like “All Night Long,” “Since You’ve been Gone,” “I Surrender,” “Jealous Lover,” “Stone Cold,” “Street of Dreams,” and “Can’t Let You Go” before Blackmore would leave to reform Deep Purple in 1984. A decade later, Blackmore would temporarily revive Rainbow once more and release a final album in 1995’s Stranger in Us All. No matter what the era or the lineup, Rainbow sounds brilliant on vinyl.

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