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    Formed in 1989 by Page Hamilton, Helmet achieved mainstream success in 1992 with the release of its Interscope Records debut, Meantime. Combining Hamilton’s jazz background with his interest in post-punk bands like Sonic Youth and Big Black, Helmet created a sound characterized by staccato guitar riffs, heavy distortion, jazz-like time signatures, and (at the time unusual) dropped D tuning. Deemed the “thinking person’s heavy metal band,” Helmet was the closest thing the East Coast had to grunge and proved especially influential to metal and alt-rock bands of the decade. After nine years, 1,600 shows, and five albums, Helmet disbanded in 1999 and each member pursued his own endeavors. In 2004, Hamilton brought Helmet back to life (albeit with a new lineup) and has been releasing albums under the Helmet moniker ever since.
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