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    The Italian goth-metal band Lacuna Coil released its self-titled debut EP in 1998 and has been gaining legions of fans ever since with its spellbinding atmospheres and the mesmerizing vocals of Cristina Scabbia. They now have six studio albums under their belts (1999’s In a Reverie, 2001’s Unleashed Memories, 2002’s Comalies, 2006’s Karmacode, 2009’s Shallow Life, and 2012’s Dark Adrenaline) and have received a great deal of recognition in the metal community thanks to their unique symphonic metal sound. Though Lacuna Coil has progressed from its goth-rock roots towards a more melodic mainstream sound, the contrasting vocal harmonies of Scabbia and Andrea Ferro is still at its heart, and hearing them on vinyl is amazing.

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