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    St. Anger is American Heavy Metal Band Metallica’s eighth studio album, and marks their return from a six year hiatus without any studio albums. Released in 2003, the album debuted at #1 in 30 countries including the US. The success of the record was boosted by four top thirty singles – “St. Anger”, “Frantic”, “The Unnamed Feeling”, and “Some Kind of Monster”. While most critics received St. Anger positively, some expressed a strong distaste for the album. Although critical reviews of the record were mixed, the lead single from the album did win the band a Grammy for “Best Metal Performance”.

    St. Anger Track listing

    1.     “Frantic” (5:50)
    2.     “St. Anger” (7:21)
    3.     “Some Kind of Monster” (8:25)
    4.     “Dirty Window” (5:26)
    5.     “Invisible Kid” (8:30)
    6.     “My World” (5:46)
    7.     “Shoot Me Again” (7:10)
    8.     “Sweet Amber” (5:27)
    9.     “The Unnamed Feeling” (7:09)
    10.     “Purify” (5:13)
    11.     “All Within My Hands” (8:48)

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