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    Formed in San Francisco in 1978, Dead Kennedys are one of the defining American hardcore punk bands of the ’80s, known for their biting satire and snide socio-political commentary. Founded by Jello Biafra (vocals), East Bay Ray (guitar), and Klaus Flouride (bass), Dead Kennedys were as controversial as they were influential in the US and UK music undergrounds. They released five studio albums before disbanding in 1986, and formed the independent Alternative Tentacles record label when major labels refused to release their material. Biafra, now a spoken word artist and free speech icon, continues to run the label today. As anyone who collected Dead Kennedys 7-inchs will tell you, their punk classics like “Holiday in Cambodia,” “California Über Alles,” and “Kill the Poor” were meant to be heard on vinyl.
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