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    The drive belt of a turntable is an elastomeric belt connected to the platter, which in turn is connected to the turntable’s motor located under and to the side of said platter. The design of the belt drive turntable allows the use of a less expensive motor than the direct-drive turntable. Also, the elastomeric belt absorbs motor vibrations which would otherwise be picked up by the stylus. An unfortunate aspect of record player drive belts is their gradual deterioration. As belts age and wear, they dry out, stretch and lose tension, causing slippage and speed irregularities in your turntable. Long-term storage can also cause flat spots in idler wheels, resulting in audible bumps. It is important to replace belts in a timely fashion to avoid these problems.

    Many companies manufacture turntable drive belts, including Crosley, Panasonic, Rega, Dual, JVC, Onkyo, Memorex and Dukane to name a few.
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