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    A record player’s slipmat is a circular piece of slippery cloth or synthetic materials DJs place on the turntable platter instead of the traditional rubber mat.
    Unlike the rubber mat which is made to keep hold the record firmly in sync with the rotating platter, slipmats are designed to slip on the platter, allowing the DJ to manipulate a record on a turntable while the platter continues to rotate underneath. This is useful for holding a record still for slip-cueing, making minute adjustments during beat matching and mixing and pulling the record back and forth for scratching. They are also very commonly used simply as decoration for when a record isn’t on the turntable.
    Slipmats come in a variety of designs. They are typically marketed by audio equipment manufacturers (e.g. Technics), record labels (e.g. Stones Throw) and fashion design companies (e.g. Obey) among other businesses and organizations affiliated to varying degrees with a dance music scene.
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