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    Children’s record players are not as sophisticated as those found marketed for the general market, such as DJ turntables and record players meant for a home audio system. Typically featuring only the most basic functions of record playback, limited speed control, and volume adjustment, they are often aesthetically designed around popular themes and figures in children’s media, and with the goal of entertaining and educating. The records typically play popular children’s songs, such as “London Bridge is Falling Down” or “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” but can also involve non-musical material.

    Children’s record players have fallen out of fashion in recent decades, as cassette players, CDs and an assortment of digital, portable listening devices have popularized the market. Record players for children were most popular in the middle of the 20th century, and remained so well into the 1980s.

    There have historically been numerous producers of children’s record players, some still in existence. Fisher Price is probably the most famous, having marketed a steady stream of such devices for children for many decades.
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