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    A direct drive turntable, as opposed to a belt drive turntable (the other most commonly used type of turntable), involves a motor located directly under the center of the record player’s platter, and is connected to the platter directly. Modern direct drive turntables use shock-absorbing material, placed between the motor and platter, which are used to cut back on vibrations. In direct drive turntables the slipmat also helps isolate the record from motor vibrations that would be picked up by the stylus.

    The torque on direct drive turntables is usually much higher than on belt drive models. This means the platter speed is less susceptible to outside forces (stylus, hand). Higher torque also means the platter will accelerate to its proper speed faster so less distortion is heard when the record begins to play.

    Direct drive turntables are manufactured by the most notable brands in the DJ equipment industry, including Technics, Numark, Gemini, Stanton and Audio-Technica.

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