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    Record players designed for the DJ in mind distinguish themselves from turntables meant primarily for home use in a number of ways. There is typically more pitch control, a straight tonearm (ideal for hip hop style “scratching”), a target/stylus light (for visibility in a dark club environment) and the ability to play records in reverse, among other features.

    The techniques that must be accommodated by a turntable for use by a professional DJ include cueing, equalization, and audio mixing. The complexity and frequency of special techniques depends largely on the setting in which a DJ is working. Radio DJs are less likely to focus on music-mixing procedures than club DJs, who rely on a smooth transition between songs using a range of techniques.

    DJs are known for being quite discriminating in their choice of turntable manufacturer. The most popular brands include Technics, Numark, Gemini and Stanton.
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