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    A laser turntable plays records using a laser beam as the pickup instead of a conventional diamond-tipped stylus. This playback system has the unique advantage of avoiding physical contact with the record during playback. Instead, a focused beam of light traces the signal undulations in the vinyl with zero friction, mass and record wear. Vinyl LPs played with a laser playback system can theoretically “last forever” as there is no deterioration caused by passing a stylus through the grooves.
    Current laser turntables can play most varieties of phonograph records (45s, 33.3 LPs, or 78s), and play them with high fidelity. Although quite expensive, they are favored by the record libraries and radio stations for archival use and transcription to digital media and by audiophiles with extensive personal record collections.
    There is only one company currently marketing laser record players, the ELP Corporation of Japan headed by Sanju Chiba.
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