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    What Am I listening to Today?

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    Howdy everyone, I think it might be fun to chime in from time to time to share what music I am listening to. Here goes…

    In the Car:

    I am enjoying John Coltrane’sLush Life“, which was the first album he released as a bandleader.

    On the iPod:

    I have enjoyed a few albums so far today, including:

    Return to Forever is a fusion band from the 70’s put together by Chick Corea, a jazz pianist who has worked with Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock. This album is more funky and rocky, and includes the guitar playing of Al DiMeola.

    Getz/Gilberto is one of the most famous “latin” jazz albums ever released, and includes the blockbuster hit “Girl from Ipanema”.

    Friday Night in San Francisco is arguably the greatest guitar album ever released. It is a live album featuring fusion guitar greats Al DiMeola and John McLaughlin, and flamenco virtuoso Paco DeLucia. This album is not to be missed if you love shredding.

    On the Turntable:

    Hasn’t seen any use today, but I was last listening to Vince Guaraldi’s Charlie Brown Christmas Special Album. Classic holiday album with a jazzy feel.

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