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    My new best friend: Pandora Radio

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    I know this site is about vinyl (ehhhhh, sorta), and vinyl people are supposed to hate digital music, but I have to tell you about a great discovery that I have been hearing a lot about lately: Pandora Radio.

    Pandora is a free internet radio service. You can visit the website (http://www.pandora.com) and listen to music in your web browser, or you can take it to the next level of coolness, and listen to music on your phone. If you have one of the phones that works with the service, you can listen to music pretty much anywhere! I have an iPhone, so I just open up the app on my phone, put it in its dock (which is connected to my stereo), and I can listen to tons of music for free. I love this.

    OK, OK. I know this site is about vinyl, but the truth is, I love music more than the format it is played back on. I know vinyl sounds better than CDs and digital music, but I must say that the sound quality from Pandora is excellent. I can’t always listen to my vinyl, and when I can, I sometimes don’t want to have to play DJ and make sure I flip and change the records when they’re done. With Pandora, I just launch the program, and let the music play.

    I get into musical ruts all the time, and Pandora allows me to explore new music without having to spend any money. If I want to listen to jazz, I can. If I am in the mood for funk, I’ve got it. If I want to rock out, there is music for that too. If I ever want to discover something new, it’s just a few clicks away. I don’t like listening to the radio with all of the ads and commentary from the DJs. I just care about the music. With Pandora, there is plenty of music, very few ads, and mounds of convenience.

    If you love music, you have to check out Pandora. If you have an iPhone, go download the app for it right now. You are going to love this!

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