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    Calling all Green Day Fans…

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    Usually, life as Vinyl Revinyl’s main guy is pretty relaxed, and I guess that hasn’t changed, but I got some news for fans of Green Day. I got a press release from a manufacturer of vinyl records, and it looks like they’ve got plans to press the entire Green Day discography. What does that mean? Well! It means that you’ll be able to find your favorite Green Day albums on vinyl in the near future.

    So, in addition to favorites like “Dookie” and “American Idiot”, you’ll be able to pick up their 7″ singles, and apparently a few box sets are also going to be released.

    To be totally honest, I never really listened to Green Day a whole lot, but I do have Dookie, and it’s a classic, for sure. The new vinyl versions are gonna sound great, and still have that high energy, high tempo, poppy punk sound. So, if you love Green Day, keep an eye open for these records that going to be released soon.

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