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    The Beatles Are On iTunes!

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    So, the big news from Apple is that the Beatles are now available on iTunes. People have been waiting forever for this day, and many believed it would never happen, but it’s now official! Hooray!

    Of course, before I go any further, let me say that I use iTunes all the time, and I own an iPod. I like the service, and I like the hardware…But, the Beatles? Digital??? I mean, I admit, I already have all of the Beatles albums digitized and on my iPod and computer, but the best way to experience the Beatles is ANALOG!!

    I’m conflicted here…You can tell. I have lots of Beatles music accessible to me either on the road or at home. I have analog Beatles albums, and I have digital Beatles albums. I think the Beatles are one of the most important musical groups that ever existed. I think kids who were born way after the Beatles broke up should listen to the Beatles, and all of the people who were around when they were around should give them another listen. Whether you listen in digital or analog, the most important thing is that the music is being listened to at all. The Beatles in my car or when I’m out sound awesome, and always hit home….but the sweet sound of vinyl. There’s nothing like it.

    So hey, if you’re all digital listen up. If you want to take things to the next level…enjoy the Beatles on vinyl. All you need is love 🙂

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