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    2010 Year in Review

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    Another year has passed, and one of the things I like to spout off around the beginning of the year is the importance of trying something new. When it comes to music, expanding your horizons is both exciting and rewarding. While we may sometimes think that we only really like a few different kinds of music, the truth is we often can find many things we enjoy about all kinds of music if we just give it a chance. Anyway, here are some posts I’ve posted this past year…maybe you’ll find something that you’re interested in!

    Pink Floyd:

    Pink Floyd is one of the most famous groups to come out of the 60’s and 70’s. Their music was both complex and interesting, yet approachable and enjoyable. Read about the best Pink Floyd albums, and give them a listen.


    Soul music is one of those things that very few people will admit they like, yet, whenever a classic soul song comes on the radio, they know all of the words. Stop kidding yourselves. Soul music is relevant to everybody, and the people behind this classic American genre were some of the greatest musicians and performers of the 20th and 21st century. Check out the best soul albums and build your collection of this great musical style.

    Mad Musical Skills:

    Musical virtuosos, in other words, people who are masters of their instrument, and not too shy about it are always a pleasure to listen to. Everyone enjoys the intensity that comes from a musician who can play fast and hard, and take you on a wild musical journey. Check out these amazingly skilled musicians for a great time!

    Underrated Albums:

    So many musicians have had their successes and failures, but mostly (even the most popular musicians) have failures. Albums that are considered failures almost always contain some under-appreciated gems. Maybe the musician is moving in a different direction that goes unappreciated, or the album flops due to poor support from the record label. Either way, these unappreciated albums all contain some great music that flew under the radar.

    1970’s Rock:

    The 1970’s were a great time for rock music. With the experimental 1960’s in the past, a new appreciation of jazz and blues, and changing social mores, 70’s rock was musically interesting, and culturally relevant. We also saw the rise of arena rock that brought millions of new music fans into the fold, and was a precursor to 80’s hard rock and heavy metal. Here are some of the best rock albums from the 70’s.

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